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Do-It-Yourself Kitchen Hacks for Renters


Many renters know that de-cluttering is a never ending task in every house, especially in the kitchen. Some choose to regulate the clutter by throwing away or donating items that you no longer use. However, there will be times when you n
eed some of the items that are cluttering your kitchen and you just need to find a place to store it. There are many ways to maximize the space in your kitchen so that all of your belongings are orderly and have a place. Here are some hacks to keep your kitchen looking organized and clean.


The Kichen Hacks 1first thing to consider is to save space in your kitchen by using command hooks to hang objects. You can use these hooks for everything from hanging coffee mugs and towels to storing pot and pan lids. Another option is using a tension rod to hang stuff underneath cabinets. This is a good system for things that you use often and need to get too easily, such as cleaning supplies. The space under your kitchen sink is prime real estate for storage and organization. Use baskets, shelves, hooks, dividers, and storage racks to create a tidy space for all of your kitchen needs.


Kitchen Hacks 2

The top of your cabinets are also a great place for storing kitchen items or small kitchen appliances that are not used on a daily basis. You may want to consider buying a plastic cover for any items that you place up there to prevent them from collecting dust. Hanging items can also be a great space-saver. You can use hanging racks, baskets, or shelves to store things like pots and pans, cook books, fruit, etc. Please make sure to read your lease and get landlord approval when needed before hanging objects from the ceiling or walls. The empty space between your fridge and wall can also be useful for brooms, mops, and other thin objects.


Magnets can be a useful little hack to store items very easily. Use magnets to hold pouches or baggies with small items on the fridge. You can also get creative with magnets and fabricate things such as a magnetic spice rack. By purchasing jars with built-in magnets or gluing magnets on existing jars you can eliminate some of the clutter in your cabinet for an inexpensive cost. You can then mount a stainless steel sheet on the wall of the cabinet and place your spices on the sheet to store them vertically. Be careful to seal your jars tight so it doesn’t make a mess in the event that it fall off the magnet. And again, please get permission in writing from your landlord to mount anything inside of your cabinet or on your walls.


AnotherKitchen Hacks 4 great storage concept is stackable food containers. These containers can usually be bought as a set or individually so that you can create your own sizes and shapes. You can put everything from spaghetti to rice to snacks in these containers to help eliminate some of the open packages you have in your cabinet. To tidy up your utensil drawers, you can purchase organizers that fit into your drawers to sort eating uKichen Hacks 6tensils as well as cooking utensils. You can purchase a premade mold that fits directly into your drawer or you can buy adjustable slats so that you can create your own design. To help in your cabinets, use an old soda box for your soup cans. You could also decorate the box to make it more attractive.


Living in an apartment sometimes means having limited kitchen space but hopefully these hacks will help you create storage and organization to make working in your kitchen a delight.


Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on September 18, 2015
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