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Tips and Tricks: Decorating Your Apartment


Once you’ve successfully found an apartment in Branson MO, the next step is organizing and decorating your new home. Filling black space, placing furniture, and finding wall art don’t need to be stressful. First find a suitable place for all of your large items, such as furniture, then it’s time to decorate. When decorating your apartment, avoid using an excess amount of adhesives or nails as they can cause damage to your walls, cupboards and laminated surfaces when removed. Of course you will want to hang your décor, just remember that any holes or damage are your responsibility to fix when you move out. All furnishings present in your apartment at the time you move in must also be in your apartment when you depart.

Picture-Placement-configuration_1If your apartment comes fully furnished, generally the living room and dining area contains a full arrangement of furniture, which leaves little to no space for additional pieces. While most of the furnishings in the apartment are already placed in suitable positions, it can make it easy for you to add decorations or additional fixtures. If you are not particularly savvy with interior design, you can take the easy way out by sticking with neutral colors. If you dare to take a small space decorating challenge, you could end up with a very homey unique living space. Below are a few basic design hacks that can help you get some good ideas to decorate your home.

Creating artistic design or hanging works of art will transform your neutral walls into a personalized gallery wall. If you have photos of old memories or more recent photos of good times, now is the time to frame and display them.  Typically, the rule of thumb for displaying pictures is three inches apart. You can also add dimensional shelves, artistic canvases, or mirrors to your mix of pictures. A gallery wall is a beautiful way to exhibit your personality.

An inexpensive way to add decorations to your apartment is by refreshing or upgrading some of your existing art. Oftentimes art will look aged due to the old frame or color faded mat. Re-framing or re-matting your art is an inexpensive way to completely change and update its look. If you want to brighten the art, consider changing to a lighter mat. Another option is to widen the mat which can modernize your art as well. Don’t get rid of good pieces when you can refurbish it to make it look redesigned or simply improved.

Having adequate lighting is not only decorative and functional but can also help brighten your home. Lighting is essential because it can set the mood for your apartment. Table and floor lamps will add brilliance to your home by illuminating dark spaces. Lamps can also add character and style to your living space. Having ample lighting can also help make a small area feel more spacious. Try to choose a lamp that will match the style or design of your home.istock_000009320609xsmall1

Inviting curtains and pillows can be the perfect pop of color to your natural walls or furniture. Don’t underestimate the presence of pillows and curtains as they can really brighten up a room. Having simple furniture can allow you to play on pillows or small accessories to add a beautiful look to your apartment. This will also allow you to change or add accessories often which will change the whole design of your home. Hopefully this kind of simple decoration will prevent you from becoming bored of neutral colors or one set bold pattern.

Decorating your apartment can be easy if you learn a few simple hacks to make it go smoother. Finding an apartment for rent in Branson MO can be painless as well by giving the leasing professionals at Thousand Hills Realty a call or visiting our website to see a list of apartments for rent.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on September 29, 2015
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