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Ways To Decorate Your Apartment for Winter


Decorating your apartment for winter depends on the climate you live in, it can be downright cold, bleak
decorating your apartment for winter or dreary. Embracing the winter season is enjoyable if you can add cozy decorations that can help beat the winter blues and feel comfortable all season long. To make your apartment look a bit cozier this winter, we want to give you some decorating pointers.

Updating things inside your apartment is one of the best things to do when decorating your apartment for winter, such as changing your bedding, blankets, linens, curtains, and pillows for something thick to endure the cold weather. Instead of using several blankets, use a good wool mattress pad that gives insulation. It’s also good to use a cozy set of flannel or microfiber sheets, which can make your bed feel like one giant set of pajama. Last but not the least, consider buying a quality comforter.

You may have already updated all the things inside your bedroom, but the living room is another place to update things such as adding pillows and throws and some cool new patterns to your living room décor. Specifically, try to add a warmer color palette that will help keep the things in the living room looking cozy. The best part of the throws and pillows is that you can have them in a variety of different options and for the most part they are affordable.

decorating your apartment for winterAdding indoor plants to your home is also a good idea when decorating your apartment during the winter months as it will remind you of the great outdoors that you can’t easily access during the cold season. Buying an indoor plant for your apartment can help you not to become bored at home as it adds some chores of maintaining it by trimming the leaves or watering it.

Displaying your used book collection or other vintage cd’s or movies can also be a good way to decorate your apartment for winter because it can also serve more than one purpose.  Instead of having the winter blues, you can pass the time indoors by using the opportunity to tackle reading your favorite books you’ve been compiling all these years. Reading is also a good idea because using your screen time for your favorite movies can be cut down and that can also help reduce your energy usage. Books are a great way to personalize your time.

Whether your fireplace is working or not, you can still bring light to your cozy living room décor. You can download an app Very Cozy Fireplace for your television and you will get the chance to enjoy the glow of the fire without the smoke.

Heating your home during winter season has some financial burden. Now that you’ve updated your bedroom, you should do the same for your windows. During summer, you may be contented to adorn your window with some breezy fabric, but during winter, you should think about using thick curtains which can be a perfect way to protect your apartment from losing heat through the windows. So when winter gets closer, swap your light and airy treatments for a thicker option which provides more insulation. Cellular shades can help improve insulation.

decorating your apartment for winter

Because winter season has shorter days and longer nights, you may wish to add some romantic candle-lit ambiance to your apartment. Candles can also add inviting fragrances and its light and relaxing aromas can help relieve the stress and anxiety from work.

Using some of these ideas when decorating your apartment for winter can seem burdensome as it involves many changes and updates but these things can help make you comfortable during the cold season. You can also read some energy saving tips for winter on our blog.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on January 7, 2016
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