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Utilizing Moving Truck Space



While moving can be a daunting task, with the proper use of a moving truck and efficient packing skills you can save time, money, and hassle when moving from one place to another. Not everyone is an expert in coordinating and effectively loading boxes and furniture into a moving truck, which can result in unused space and obstacles when unloading and unpacking. Not loading your things in an organized way could also result in having to make multiple trips or having to leave items behind. Here are some tips to help maximize the space in your rental truck like a pro:


1) Load large items first


Several experts believe that loading the largest and heaviest items first can make it easier to load the small items in or around the large items. Loading the larger items at the front of the truck also makes it easier for a truck to haul the trailer because of the weight distribution. Other experts believe that it is loadmore efficient to load the boxes first to maximize the space from top to bottom then organize large furniture around it. There is no wrong way to load your moving truck, however loading an entire wall of boxes may maximize your space if you have multiple similar sized boxes. Don’t forget to tie your boxes wall to wall to avoid an avalanche while driving your moving truck.


2) Distribute weight evenly


Be sure to distribute weight evenly when placing boxes and furniture in the moving truc
k. You will want to place heavier items on the bottom and then stack lighter items on top of it. Arranging items this way will not only make it easier to load and unload but it will also make it easier to control the truck once you get on the road. This will also prevent items from spilling or toppling during the drive. Another smart tip is to load all of the heavy items against the wall and put the lighter items in the middle. This will also make it easier to unload.


                                                                         3) Protect breakable items


It is also wise to be meticulous when loading pictures and mirrors into a moving truck considering these items are easily breakable. You can protect these items by sliding them between mattresses, couch cushions, or other soft items. Breakable items should still be wrapped and packed when placing them between mattresses. Placing items between soft furniture pieces ensures that nothing gets placed on top of them. Another option is to find a tall narrow box that multiple pictures can be packed into but be sure to wrap items separately to keep them from colliding even inside the box.


4) Disassemble furniture to create more room


Taking tables, desks, and chairs apart can create quite a bit of extra space inside a moving truck. Moving individual pieces into the truck can make it easier for both loading and unloading. Once large furniture items have been disassembled, you can place them on their side and against the wall to avoid items from taking up a lot of unnecessary space. If taking furniture pieces apart is too problematic, load them into the truck first. You can load boxes above and below the table and you can stack the chairs on top of each other to save some space.


5) Set couches up vertically


Couches are generally the biggest items and also take up the most cubic feet inside the moving truck. Most moving trucks have high ceilings which can accommodate laying your couch in a vertical position to save a lot of space. If you must lay your couch horizontally, then use it to stack more boxes and items on top of it to gain extra space.


These simple tricks will help you load your moving truck like a pro. While loading the truck from floor to ceiling does make it easier, things may shift during transport so be careful when opening and unloading your moving truck. Be sure to use packing straps and blankets to protect items from getting shifting too much or getting damaged in the move. Another great way to make moving easier is to host a moving party. Read our blog on hosting a moving party here.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on February 27, 2016
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