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Apartment-Friendly Organizing Ideas


Living in an apartment or condo can make it hard to find storage space for all of your things so that you can stay organized.  If you are living in a temporary home, meaning you don’t own it, you may need to find storage solutions that do not require altering the structure, such as built-ins, or wall installations. You may need some organizing ideas that are apartment-friendly, versatile, and inexpensive that can also be easily transitioned from place to place. Many of these organization ideas can be used in small spaces and require no drilling or hammering.86826053e5420ef7fdc0679215ae5970

One of the most important things to do when looking for more space in your apartment is to utilize any empty space in your home, such as under kitchen and bathroom counters. You can build or buy shelves or storage drawers that slide right into the cabinet without any installation. You can also upgrade either of these systems with some custom touches, such as using bright colors or painting on them to personalize them. You can also utilize the space under your sink by putting a tension rod to hang cleaning products as well as hanging baskets for other cleaning materials.

The pantry is another place that tends to collect various cooking items and can easily look disorganized and cluttered. Use baskets, cardboard boxes, or jars to group similar items together. You can then label them using pens, markers, or stickers to make it easier to find items. Organizing and labeling in this fashion will not only save you time but will also make your pantry look more elegant.

Keep bedding together with its entire set to save you time when you’re cleaning and changing your sheets. Fold all of your sheets and one pillow case, then pack them neatly together inside of the other pillow case to keep them all together. Another great place to find extra space is on the shelves above your clothes or on the floor in your closet.

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Clutter is a large factor in disorganization and simply picking up can help your home look cleaner. Placing jars or small storage systems on top of your counter can help you greatly. Having command hooks for towels, loofas, and other small hanging objects can relieve some of the clutter from counter tops. The best way to eliminate the mess is to find a home for each object and make sure it is put away when you’re done using it.

s0074782_sc7Stacking containers are a great way to add storage without taking up a lot of space. These containers will create vertical storage instead of side-by-side storage. In your kitchen you can also use hanging baskets for your fresh produce and other items. This will prevent a bowl of fruit on the counter. This design can not only save space but can also be an attractive way to display produce and more.

If you have been living in one place for an extended amount of time, you may have collected several items that are taking up unnecessary space. While organizing your apartment it is a great idea to purge items you may not want or use anymore, then put like items together, confine like items, and use plenty of labels. Making your house look neat and tidy isn’t too troublesome with these simple tips. These inexpensive updates are ideal for a temporary way to adapt your living space to fit your needs without making many changes to your apartment. Check out our other blog articles to find more about living big in a small apartment, maximizing closet space, and kitchen organization hacks.

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