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Branson Tri-Lakes Real Estate Report

A recent article published on describes the three top reasons why homeowners don’t want to hire a property manager. Herein we’ll address the first, and conquer the remaining two in future publications.

More to the point, the #1 reason is homeowners don’t know what a property manager does. We can’t tell you what others do or don’t do, but we can educate you on what Thousand Hills Realty does. In a word: EVERYTHING! We are a full-service property management company which means we truly do it all. To start, we assess your property to determine its highest and best value. We advertise your property, show it to prospective tenants, provide thorough applicant screening, facilitate make-ready functions and tenant move-in / move out processes. We also collect the monthly rent, make collection calls when necessary, receive all maintenance requests [even emergency calls in the middle of the night] and dispatch the proper maintenance vendor. If that isn’t enough, we deposit your rental proceeds directly into your bank account, provide full monthly accounting, and at year end we furnish you with the necessary forms and documentation you will need for your taxes.

Thousand Hills Realty specializes in residential property management. We don’t take sales listings nor do we participate in homeowner association management. Your investment has our undivided attention. After all, we don’t dabble in Branson property management, we dominate!

The OutSkirts

“We want to be IN Branson” is a lesser demand than it once was. Perhaps it’s because availability (or lack of) in Branson often leaves renters without other options. The end result is renters have come to learn there is nothing wrong with being a few miles out of town.

Construction currently underway of Menards in Hollister has brought a lot of people to the area specifically requesting Hollister housing. If you have a rental home in the general Branson vicinity, now is the prime time to put it to work for you. Call the Leasing Professionals at Thousand Hills Realty to get started!

The 3 R’s of Rental Real Estate: Rising Rental Rates

You heard it here first, folks! Rents in and around the Branson area are on the rise. The area is exploding with new attractions and businesses. This is not only good for the tourism economy but of course for the local – and real estate – economy. Why? Because new business means new jobs. With new jobs comes new life. It rejuvenates the livelihood of current residents as well as creates a draw for new residents.

Rental vacancies at an all-time low drives rental rates higher and higher. From [current] period to period over the last two years, average collected rents increased 22%. If your rental rate in May 2014 was $1000/month, you could be collecting $1220 today. That’s over $2600 increased rents in a year.

What would a revenue increase of 22% do for you? Transform your current headache into a profitable investment?
As an added bonus, increased rents is coupled with shortened vacancy periods. In particular, single family homes (vs. condominiums and apartments), have seen a significant change in turn-over time. Current trends indicate, on average, less than 30-day vacancy, some with 15-day vacancy, and some with less than 10 days. That is progress!

Despite the growing population, Branson’s industry is seasonal tourism. A realistic expectation during off months is an increased vacancy term. Being proactive in anticipation of relocation decline is the best line of defense.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on July 7, 2016
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