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Renter-Friendly Improvements For The Kitchen That Are Easy On Your Pocket

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Many people who are living in apartments in Branson, MO are looking for ways to improve their small space that is also easy on their pocket. Finding affordable ways to make renovations to your small space is easy with some renter-friendly tips and tricks. The kitchen is a great place to start as it is usually a smaller space that you spend a good majority of time in.

Putting an over-the-stove cutting board in the kitchen can be an affordable improvement to save storage space in any kitchen. While you can’t start cooking when the cutting board is on top of the burners, the stove can be a great place to prepare food beforehand. Of course, you can always transfer the cutting board to the counter top when you need to use the stove top.

Securing a mini dust pan and brush to the side of your fridge or stove is also a good way to help improve your kitchen and keep it clean. Keeping a mini dust pan and brush handy is a helpful way to clean small messes fast and easily without having to get the full size broom and dust pan out of the closet. You can put a hook on your mini dust pan so that it can be placed in any easily accessible place.

Placing attractive storage baskets above the cabinets can be apartments in branson, mo (3)a great way to store objects you don’t use often without occupying much space in the kitchen. These baskets can hold anything from objects that are not used frequently to objects you use daily but look disorderly. You may want to use these baskets to hide things such as can openers, scissors, cookie cutters, extra light bulbs, or even pliers and screw drivers.

The usual vacant space above the fridge can be a great place to store cookbooks, small appliances, or even table mats. Placing these items above the fridge can make them easily reachable unlike if they’re placed in drawers or in lower cabinets where you have to get down to the back of the cabinet to reach them.

Magnetic hooks can be useful in any area of your home. These tiny hooks can hold many kitchen items such as towels, brushes, or kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and even scissors.  Many apartment dwellers use hooks to place towels on or around the fridge because it is easy to take them off and hang them back up. By placing your towel hook on the side of the fridge, you will give the front of your fridge a more streamlined look and can utilize the front of the fridge for extra vertical space.

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To make your kitchen look more attractive, add a small rug. A small area rug can be especially beneficial in working areas near the food preparation, the sink, and the stove. It might be a wise choice to find a rug that won’t easily hold dirt and crumbs, or you can pick a rug that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Finding your own unique way to organize and decorate your kitchen will give your home a very personal feel. Hopefully these tips help you get started on your renter-friendly improvements! You can also read our other blogs about organizing the rest of your apartment and eco-friendly cleaning tips.

Posted by: Thousand Hills Realty on September 2, 2016
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