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A Fresh Start 2018

A Fresh Start: Your Apartment’s 2018 Resolution



Making a resolution every time a new year comes has become a habit of most people as many of them want to change their old ways of living or try to get rid of their bad habits. When you make a resolutions, it can actually increase your quality of life. That holds true for apartment dwellers, too. Below are some of the apartment resolutions for 2018 that you need to check out. Even if you can’t embrace all of them, you’ll be happy if you try some.


Purging your clothes closet is a great way to make it look nice when you take out some of your things that you don’t need any more. It may need a huge decision to skip over things you’ve outgrown, or need repair, or are out of date. Just don’t hesitate to get rid of them. Those pieces of clothing that you haven’t worn in the past years, donate it or consign it. You’re sure to love the feeling of looking at a closet full of clothes you actually wear and like.


Organizing drawers can actually reduce stress to our lives. Make this as your apartment’s resolution this 2018 and start to tackle your dresser drawers one day, and on another day your kitchen drawers. The kitchen may only need a little organization, unless you have a dreaded catch-all drawers for most of your handy things. Bathroom drawers are more difficult to organize, they may harbor many old things hygiene, rusty razors or old make up you no longer wear. Your dresser drawer might still hold items you no longer wear – donate them.  Office drawers shouldn’t be too bad – unless you’ve crammed them with old mail and unorganized files into them. Take time to get rid of them and you’ll be thrilled in the long run.


Making an inventory with your pantry is a good apartment resolution to do this new year. It’s not good to keep food in the pantry if it’s so disorganized. So have a good look to help with good stock planning with your food. Sort the things in your pantry, and separate canned veggies from dried goods and  sauces. So that when you decide what’s for dinner, it will be easier once this is done.


Many of us seldom clean the fridge and oven. In fact, only a few in every household wants to do this, but having it done is a big relief. It may take some time to make your fridge clean and tidy, but when it’s done, you won’t be grossed out anymore when you’re looking for something to eat. And you’ll no longer be embarrassed when a friend comes over for a beer. Cleaning an oven is an easy task to do if you clean it regularly.


Review your budget and assess where you might be over-spending and under-saving, new year is a great time to do this. There’s often a situation where you can save a little money, from reducing items that may be much larger than you think (entertainment and dining out) they are likely culprits on your over-spending. If you’re spending more than you should on your apartment, maybe it’s time to downsize and look for a smaller space and save the difference.


Paying your rent on time is the best resolution to make for 2018, especially if you are always late in the past. Not only will you have a better relationship with management (and increase your chances of a good referral later), you’re sure to maintain a good credit rating when you pay your rent on time.


Making a resolution is a thing most people want to do each new year because they want to change their old ways of living.



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