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Easy Tips to Have a Spa-Like Bathroom

When you like to refresh your body and feel rejuvenated after a stressful day, there’s nothing better than a spa visit. But during the cold months, many would rather skip the pricey spa and just stay warm at home. Given that the cold weather can snap your energy and make you feel depressed, you might want to make your bathroom a soothing sanctuary.  All it takes is a few improvements to evoke the spa-like atmosphere.

Clutter that are visible inside the bathroom can create stress. This is the reason why spas keep their toiletries hidden and in order. While storage space is usually a serious matter in small bathrooms, hiding all toiletries can be frustrating. To help make your small bathroom look more appealing, get rid of those old and expired toiletries you won’t ever use. By doing so, you can create a significant amount of cabinet space. If you want to avoid visual clutter in your bathroom, try placing go-to toiletries such as cotton balls and Q-tips in clear glass jars. You won’t believe it, jarred toiletries may look like a part of your decor.

Installing a massage shower head in your bathroom can help make a spa-like feel. Some homeowners assume that a soaking tub is a must-have item in a spa-like bathroom. But you can only use it occasionally, not to mention it will only make your small bathroom feel crowded. On the other hand, massage shower head won’t take up any extra square footage. What’s more important is that you’ll be using it definitely every day.

Making your bathroom smell good is a must-have idea to make it a spa-like bathroom. Your goal to rejuvenate your body will not be complete without aromatherapy. Scents are famous for boosting one’s health and mood. For example, when you want to wake your brain up in the morning, take a shower with peppermint-scented soap.

These tips are just a few ideas to help you make your bathroom have a spa-like feel.

Posted by: ystikeleather1 on February 1, 2019
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