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Heating Your Apartment Without Running up the Bill

     Heating Your Apartment Without Running up the Bill

Winter is here, and you’re probably searching for ways to keep your home warm without cranking up the thermostat. Lucky for you, there are many small changes you can make to help. From what temperature to set the thermostat at to buying rugs for chilly floors, here are tips on heating your apartment without breaking the bank.

How to Use Your Thermostat
We suggests setting the thermostat at 68 degrees during the winter. We also advises leaving the heat on, even when you’re not there, to keep costs down.

The best way to use your thermostat is to not turn off your heater during the day while you’re at work, especially if you have even decent insulation. It will cost twice as much and twice as long to get warm if you come home and turn it on, rather than just setting it at a lower temperature than you normally like it and letting your heater run during its normal cycling during the day. When you get home, just turn it up to your usual temperature.

Bundle Up
Before you turn up the heater, try wearing more clothes or using blankets to stay warm. When you’re at home, wear flannel or jackets. Keep your socks on. Put blankets on yourself when you’re on the couch.

Open and Close the Window Blinds or Shades
When it comes to heating your home, use the sun to your advantage.

If the sun rises and shines into your windows, it will definitely help to open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

When the sun goes down, keep the blinds down and window shades closed to help keep the heat in.

Consider a Humidifier
Buying a humidifier can also help your home stay warm.
During the winter, humidifiers help keep moisture in the air, which keeps the air warmer. They have great effects for people who tend to have bloody noses, dry skin or any health condition that can be impacted by cold air.

Weatherproof Your Apartment
The easiest way to do this is by weatherstripping or essentially blocking cold from getting in your apartment via windows and doors. Consider putting a door draft blocker to help keep the cold out. The Department of Energy has a long list of products you can use.

Floor covering in your Apartment
Rugs can help keep a room warmer, especially if you have wooden or poorly insulated floors. Rugs with higher stitch counts insulate the best, and stitch count generally matters more than the rug’s thickness.

We DO NOT recommend space heaters! This type of heating source can cost a small fortune to run and should be avoided altogether.

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