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5 Tips in Making Small Place Feel Bigger

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5 Tips in Making Small Place Feel Bigger

Here are five tips that can help you in making a small place feel bigger.

# 1. Cut down on clutter

Cleaning up your space won’t hurt your pocket other than spending a little amount of your time. Who knows that by removing things you no longer use can make a little money by selling them. Cutting down on clutter is one of the top ways to make a smaller place feel bigger. Look for small appliances at the kitchen counter that you don’t regularly use, like the ice cream maker, store measuring cups and bowls, bottles of oils or spices; you can place them neatly in the cabinet where they aren’t directly visible.

You can take away the things that you don’t regularly use in the bathroom. Sure, extra toilet paper or face towel are essentials but store them in a cabinet to keep it out of sight. Same goes to your collection of make-up,  lotions, and hair products. Talking about these things, don’t forget to check their expiration dates and discard anything that has already expired.

#2. Use a large mirror

If you have a space that is short on natural light, create some more light by using a big mirror. Place it opposite a window or a light, and you will see the effect, the light will reflect into the room making it feel brighter and bigger. You can also place mirrors in the bedroom behind nightstand lamps providing you the same benefit.

#3. Wall color

When you use the right wall color (with a simple request in writing to the property manager you maybe able to change your wall color), it can transform a room into a more relaxing space. If you want to make your space feel larger, use cool colors like soft neutral colors. Blue shades visually retreat, making your walls seem like they are far which in turn creates the illusion of a bigger space. Example of these blue shades are Benjamin Moore Constellation, Benjamin Moore Ocean Air, Benjamin Moore Sea Foam – they’re bright, airy, and soft.

For the white walls, it’s good to use the same color like Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White on the walls and ceilings to get a crisp and clean look. For the perfect neutral color, try Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl or White Dove. The two have enough color to make white woodwork and trim stand out.

#4. Go big

It may not seem reasonable and common, but filling a small room with large items can make it feel larger. Avoid placing small furniture and choose one large couch instead. Not only will the whole family become more comfortable, but the room will also seem bigger because there is less clutter.

Avoid using smaller sized rugs too. They will ruin the appearance of the room and make it feel smaller. Instead, buy a large rug that will cover most of the floor space and define the space. Also, when you place a larger headboard in the bedroom, it will not only make a statement, it will fill up the room making it feel larger.

Rather than placing lots of tiny decorative items and pieces of furniture into your space, consider bigger pieces such as statement couch or a couple of large bases to decorate an empty corner. Placing lots of small items in a room can create clutter and make the space feel cramped. Where large pieces reduce the need for multiple items, giving you a bigger area to work with.

#5. Keep it simple

With the absence of sharp contrast in a room, will also make a room feel more relaxing – just like what you can enjoy inside a spa. Minimize the use of a variety of colors in your space and skip bold prints in large patterns. Instead, choose simple curtains, rugs, bedding, towels and other fabrics in solid colors with natural textures like linen.

So, if you are feeling disappointed that you can’t make your small space look bigger, these five tips may help you make your small space feel bigger.



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