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Flooring Ideas for Renters

Flooring Ideas for Renters

Most renters only live temporarily in an apartment, so they usually will not take on the expense of installing new flooring materials. It’s essential o know how to customize your home without altering the beige tile, brown carpet, and laminate counters inside. Listed below are a few DIY non-permanent flooring ideas.

Portable Hardwood & Removable Vinyl Tiles

Hardwood tile and removable vinyl tiles are non-permanent flooring ideas (that make pattern tiles) are good options for screened-in patios and 3-season porches. You can use varying colors, patterns, and accents to create a dynamic, vibrant outdoor space. While it seems like a decorator’s dream, you need to consider a few things before you take the decorative tile plunge.

Portable hardwood tiles are colorful like traditional wood tile and come in mod, classic, geometric, and parquet designs. They are ordinarily designed for temporary wedding dance floors, so they easily lock into place and even have a reducer strip for a seamless edge. But these tiles have some disadvantages; they are designed for the outdoors, both of these tiles work only where they are protected from the elements. Cost is also a factor as they are expensive for sure, but if you plan to be in one spot for awhile, and can’t stand any longer with your concrete floors anymore, they are worth a look.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are favorite household items especially for those that use them temporarily. You can choose the color, fiber, and style from a variety of manufacturers. You can find many carpet tile sellers that offer a wide selection of carpet tiles. But before you take the carpet tile plunge, you have to consider a few things.

Carpet tiles are easy to DIY, although it is time-consuming to install, unlike the traditional carpet on a roll. Carpet tiles can quickly go over your existing flooring. When you accidentally spill any form of a liquid, you can just remove the one tile and toss it in the washing machine. And you will find it easy to take out the moisture that is trapped underneath that usually takes forever to dry in a traditional carpet.  On the negative side of carpet tiles, you can easily see the seams between each piece at a glance so that you won’t have the flawlessly smooth look of a traditional carpet. Keep in mind carpet tiles usually do not cover well over existing carpet.

Wood Tiles

It’s an interesting look to cover a drab concrete slab with interlocking wooden tiles. Whether you use a basket-weave pattern or a linear style, you will find it easy to jazz up your flooring. If kids can assemble Legos, it’s probably easy for you to join your indoor floor. Wood tiles are easy to fit around corners and post for a custom fit, and installing interlocking wood tiles is easy.

Installing wood tiles has some disadvantages. Wood tiles are not a “set it and forget it” proposition. If you choose unfinished tiles, you may need to stain and re-stain them. You need to monitor also the surface for color changes or cracks, so you may need to re-glaze the flooring on a regular basis to increase its longevity. The tannic acid in the wood can leak out over time and stain the sub-floor underneath, so make sure that your concrete, tile, or wood underlay are in good condition.

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