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Important Reminders Before Moving In


Important Reminders Before Moving In

Moving to a new home is a challenging task as you are going to make many changes in your life. However, if you make preparations ahead of your scheduled move, you won’t become so busy with the things that you haven’t prepared before your moving day. By following the checklist of activities listed below, you can be sure to have a smooth transition on your moving day.

Get the old place ready

This is an important task that is always neglected. After you have packed all your things, it’s essential to restore your old place to how it looked when you moved in, mainly if you want to get your security deposit back. If you’re going to spend less time and effort in moving stuff to your new place, start to give away the things that aren’t important anymore, sell off, or discard things you no longer want or that may just be occupying space.

Planning for where things will go will give you a smooth move rather than having to check the contents in every box during packing day and decide whether you bring it to a new place or to donate or discard them.

Prepare the new place for move-in

After you have finished packing all the things from your old apartment, you will be doing a lot of unpacking of boxes and finding places where to store them in your new home. Before you step into your new place, consider the following steps to make transitioning to your new place a lot easier.

  • Change your address – Be sure to change your address so that your mail will not be delivered to your old address. Fill out a form in a post office to let them know that you have a new address. Let your employer know also, and others who might send you mail or packages.
  • Set up utilities – You don’t want to live in a place to find that there’s something not working. To keep this from happening, sign up with any utilities that aren’t included in the rent like telephone and internet.  Find out from your new landlord to see which utilities are included in the rent so you can act early.
  • Get/update renters insurance – You may be required by the landlord to get renters insurance, but not all landlords will ask for it. Even if you are not required by the landlord to have renters insurance, it’s essential to have a policy. Get it if you don’t have it yet, and if you do, make sure to change it over to your new apartment.
  • Learn to use power outlets – This can easily be overlooked, but a lot of things need electricity to function. Note where the power outlets are to make sure you have enough places to plug things in.
  • Investigate/document the condition of the apartment – Your landlord may provide a form to be filled out about the situation of the apartment prior to your move in. While you’re around the apartment, take pictures of anything that’s damaged or worn, inform the landlord in writing and keep the list for your own files.
  • Clean anything that needs it – Be sure to disinfect every space in the apartment, it’ll give you a piece of mind that your new space is clean to your own standards.

Keep the move on the track

Make sure that everything gets moved from your old place to your new home. You need to have a moving checklist and write down the things that need to be transferred to keep track ahead of moving time. If you have not done it yet, you should do it right away. Because you can’t keep everything in your head. And this way you can keep track of everything you’ll need to move. Confirm details with your new landlord the time of day you can move in.

Get started living in your new place

Once you’ve moved into a new place, it’s essential for you to familiarize yourself with the area, try to explore the neighborhood, and get to know the critical locations and routes. Find out the best way to work or school. Where’s the nearest store, the right place to jog, you’ll need to know all of this eventually, so start early.

When you plan to move to a new apartment, it’s important to make preparations ahead of your scheduled moving time so you can easily cope with the all the essential items on moving day.

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