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Safety Tips if You are Living Alone


Safety Tips if You Live Alone

Living alone cannot be avoided especially if you are unmarried and working far from your family home. The truth is living alone affords many freedoms – you can go out and come home anytime you want, you can cook whichever food you like or eat out, you can sleep long hours and nobody cares, but you can’t enjoy full freedom because you’re responsible for home security and personal safety. When you live alone, you need to learn some safety tips that can help you in the event of a break-in or intruders.

Get another set of eyes by installing a security camera. This will help you check on what’s happening when you’re away from home, and they can force a burglar to think twice before breaking in. Thanks to a video captured by security cameras, more and more criminals are caught in the act. Good news to would-be buyers of security cameras, many are now available on every budget and need.

Installing Motion Sensored Outdoor Lights is a great way to spook a burglar and put them under the spotlight. Motion sensor lights provide good lighting when you’re walking around your property, and they also illuminate intruders before they break-in. To get good results, install motion sensor lights in every entry point and in all areas outside your home where a burglar could hide and break in without being suspected by neighbors. The dark sections of your yard and home are impossible to miss when a motion sensor is triggered by a moving object.

Upgrading to a Smart Doorbell is a good way to make your home safe. Some of the burglars barge in during daytime hours. With Smart Doorbell, it can give the impression you’re at home even when you’re not. This home security device is affordable and easy to install. Smart doorbells come with live video streaming, remote viewing apps, and two-way communication that lets you see and talk to whoever is at your door. Forget looking through the peephole – these doorbells allow you to see who’s at the door.

Getting a dog is the same as having a companion. A dog will not only alert you when someone is lurking in the yard but also greet you happily as you go home from work. Criminals don’t like to be bitten by a canine. Having a dog in your single-person household is also a good way to fend off loneliness.  If you are looking for a protective dog that will work as your security guard, be sure to consider things like size, breed, and activity level.

In the age of social media and smartphones, people don’t usually get along with the neighbors. However, you can feel safer in your neighborhood if you can know and trust your neighbors. When you make a good acquaintance with your neighbors, you can ask for help from them in keeping an eye out for suspicious activity near your home. So the next time you see your neighbor standing by the door, make eye contact, and say hello. You never know, your neighbor can be a big help if something happen to your home while you’re away.

By adding smart locks to your home, a key becomes a thing of the past. Ask your landlord if the smart lock is permissible. With the use of smart locks, you never have to worry about lost or stolen keys again. Smart locks come with remote control features that let you check to make sure you locked the door – and, if you forgot, you can lock it instantly with just a swipe of your finger.

Knowing safety tips for your home when living alone is a great way to make your home safe especially if no one is around to call for help.


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