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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decorations for Your Apartments


DIY St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Decoration for Apartments

Decorating your apartment for St. Patrick’s Day is not an easy task as you need to spend ample time and effort. If you are feeling lucky to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you outfit your doors, walls, and tables, with lots St. Patrick’s Day decor’. Here are a few DIY decorating tips to help make your apartment look fun and festive.

Learning how to make lucky penny letters is a great way to make DIY St. Patrick’s Day Decoration for your apartment. You can buy paper-mache or wood letters at a craft store to form out the word “lucky.” With the use of a foam brush, you can quickly paint the letters in copper acrylic paint. If your letters are unfinished wood or paper-mache, with just one coat is fine. If you purchased pre-painted white letters, you’d need to apply two coats. You can add pennies to the letters you formed after they become dry.

If you would like your letters to look eclectic, take advantage of the varying shades of older pennies. Use a hot glue gun to attach the pennies. Give them space appropriate to avoid wide gaps. Coat the letters in a layer of glossy acrylic finish. By doing this, it can make the oldest pennies shine. To highlight your project, you can prop your lucky penny letters on your mantel or bookshelf.

Consider using green for decoration as it’s the staple color of St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Incorporate this color green into all aspects of your decorations to transform your apartment into an Irish festival. An easy way to do this is to buy green balloons in a few different shades (you can mix in white and orange). Combine the balloons to help create bouquets using green ribbon. Now you can place the green balloon bouquets around your apartment – you can tie them to tables, chairs, and anything that’s in an upright position.

Make a burlap banner using green colored decorations. To make this, cut four bunting triangles from patterned burlap (gold polka dot burlap)will work too. You need to use painter’s tape to tape off stripes on the natural burlap triangles. Use sponge brush, dab green paint onto the burlap to create lines. When it is completely dry, remove painter’s tape carefully (as it’s fragile). Punch holes in the corner then thread bunting triangles onto a long piece of yarn and hang.

Create shamrock decoration ideas for St. Patrick’s Day for your apartment. To play off this shamrock idea, use shamrock decorations throughout your apartment space to add an Irish touch. One way to do this is to make shamrock coasters. Use green paper to cut out shamrock large big enough for a cup to fit in. Once you’ve cut out your shamrocks, laminate it to make the shamrock waterproof and durable. Place the shamrock coasters on tabletops throughout your apartment for your guests to use.

Another shamrock decoration idea for your apartment is to tie shamrocks into your decorations to create shamrock name-tags. You can cut shamrock shapes out of green paper and print the names of your guests on each one. Then laminate them to make it sturdy. Lastly, glue a pin on the back of each name-tag so your guests can wear their shamrock. This idea is great if you host a party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day so it easier for everyone to learn each one persons name.

Decorating a table is an essential part of any celebration or party for St. Patrick’s Day. Incorporate centerpieces and Irish inspired decorations to keep with the party theme. Incorporate decor’ items such as leprechauns, shamrocks, and pots of gold into your table centerpieces. For example, place together green bouquets such as green carnations, zinnias, and ferns. Cut out shamrocks and stick them to dowels and spray-paint green, then stick them into your flower arrangement.

One last decorating idea that you can add to your table is to make your own “pots of gold.” To do this, create or purchase black bowls to act as the pots and fill them with gold chocolate coins. You can find these gold chocolate coins at the most grocery store or party supply store. At the end of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration or party, encourage your guests to take home any leftover chocolate coins as a party treat.

To be lucky on St. Patrick’s Day, try to decorate your apartment with these easy DIY Decorations ideas and make sure you outfit your tables, walls, and doors.

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