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Creative Ways for an Easter Egg Hunt in an Apartment


Creative Ways for Easter Egg Hunt in an Apartment

Easter is a beautiful time for children to enjoy a unique outdoor fun of hunting Easter eggs. During this time, many children and even adults enjoy great sceneries where you can see fresh blooms of flowers and plants and budding of dogwood and redbud trees. An Easter egg hunt is a tradition to host in the outdoors, but organizing it in your apartment is doable, and it even has its advantages especially if the weather isn’t desirable to be outside. In the Ozarks, one never knows! Here are some of the creative ways to hunt Easter eggs in your apartment.

Hide the Eggs in Interesting Places

Hiding the eggs in an exciting place may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to look for right hiding spots for your eggs. Egg hunters will get a reward once they find an egg where no one else would think to look. Don’t make the hiding spots too tricky to find, so you don’t have to waste to much time in hunting or risk not finding one.

Stuff the Eggs With Fun Rewards

Traditionally, Easter egg comes with chocolates and candies, making it a perfect reward for the hunter. But don’t make it the only thing you hide away. Trinkets, coins, and bills are another fun incentive to Easter egg hunters, especially if they are a bit older. It will be even better if you have a little time writing out some clues and riddles – this will mix up the Easter egg hunt and keep the participants hunting on their toes.

Keep a List of Where the Eggs Are

Keep a list where you hide the eggs. If you’re hiding a lot of eggs, especially at some tough-to-find places, you will find it difficult to remember where you’ve put them all. So, it’s important to keep a secret list of the places where you’re hiding the eggs. Otherwise, you may find the eggs in summer.

Decorate Your Apartment to Show Some Festivity

When you want your apartment to look Easter-y, you don’t need to decorate it all-out, a little decoration will make your apartment go a long way. Consider some modern decor such as Easter baskets, flowers, and pastel-colored wall streamers. This will get your Easter guests in the mood to hunt Easter eggs.

Host Some Games

While the centerpiece of your festivities in your apartment is Easter egg hunting, it should not be the only activity that your guests need to enjoy for the day. Include some simple games such as egg-tossing competition, Pin the Tail on the Bunny, or maybe a craft-making contest.

Have Refreshments on Hand

After enjoying all the fun activities in your apartment. Keep them refreshed by serving them Easter-themed food and drinks. For some guests craving for sweet treats, serve them cupcakes or M & M cookies. For drinks, if you’re feeling energetic, craft up some Easter cups with little bunny ears, rolling eyes and a cotton ball for the tail.

Other Interesting Apartment Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Instead of placing candy in all of the eggs, write out a clue that will help the kids find their Easter eggs or some other fun gift. Rip the clue into pieces so it will look like a puzzle and put different pieces in a few eggs. It will be fun for the kids to find the different eggs, almost like a Treasure Hunt. When they open them up, they will know the hunt is not over yet. Then they will have to work together to match up the pieces of the clues to find the gifts.

It’s also a good idea to hang eggs from trees or other places in the apartment with ribbon. To work this out, cut a long piece of colored ribbon, open the egg, place the candy inside, then put the middle section of the ribbon inside the egg and close it. The egg should have two pieces of ribbon that hangs out of it. Attach the egg by tying it to the tree and let the other piece hang down (make sure it is long enough so the kids can reach it). The kids can pull on the ribbon, and the candy will fall out.

When you host an Easter egg hunt in your apartment, you’ll surely miss the great outdoors. But think of the advantages: everyone is safe when hunting Easter eggs indoor, you don’t have to worry about the weather, and when everyone is tired, everybody can comfortably relax and feel comfortable inside the apartment.

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