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Cool Ways to Get Your Apartment Summer Ready

Cool Ways to Get Your Apartment Summer Ready

Are you ready in your apartment for a sweet summertime? As the summer season is fast approaching, now is a great time to prepare your place for summer. To help get your apartment summer-ready, follow these cool ways so you can beat the summer heat.

Finish spring cleaning

Cleaning after spring can be a necessity and worth your efforts. Spend a few hours in the afternoon, open your windows to welcome fresh spring air, play some music, and clean everything you’ve been neglecting for the last few months. Yes, you may do some scrubbing, dusting, and shining of things you haven’t touched for a long time, but the end result is worth your efforts. Make sure to do this before the heat hits so you can enjoy a relaxing day in your clean apartment.

Rotate closet space

During the last week of the spring season, start to put away heavy coats – try to pack up clothes you won’t wear for a few months. Rotate your closet space by moving winter clothes to your hall closet and keep your summer clothes in your bedroom by placing into plastic bins and stack in the back of your bedroom closet. You can also use low storage boxes to push under your bed, limiting the clutter of clothes.

Donate the old

After you do your spring cleaning and closet rotations, take the time to donate some of the items that you don’t want to use anymore. Sell them to a thrift store or donate them to a local charity. Not only will your apartment space feel de-cluttered for summer, but the extra space you create can provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

One easy way to make summer-ready with your living room is to swap out your throw pillows. Change your knitted and fur pillows with bright hues, light fabrics, and playful prints. You will be surprised how big a difference that the small change can make.

Refresh Your Bedding

Summer season is a great time to treat yourself to a little comfort and buy new bed sheets. Bed sheets that are crisp, lightweight, and all-white are the right qualities to look for in a summer set. When choosing the material, look for 100% cotton or linen as they will keep you cool at night. A new duvet and shams could make a little touch to your bedroom needs as they can help revitalize summer slumber.

Manage your energy use

The scorching summer heat can be brutal. During the spring season, you should limit the use of your air conditioning as much as possible and only use it when the temperature rises. Instead of always setting your thermostat to 70 degrees and leaving it, go with where you think you feel comfortable. If 70 feels chilly, increase the temp up a few degrees every couple hours until you feel comfortable. If you’re feeling the heat of 75, turn the thermostat down a little until you find a suitable temperature for you.

Plan vacations & guest visits

Summer season is a great time to have some fun because many people plan fantastic vacations and trips. If you have the budget, start planning for a summer vacation now so you can secure good deals on flights and affordable hotel accommodations. It would be ideal also to offer your place to friends who want to take a vacation to your state. Letting friends stay at your apartment is great, as it gives them the chance to enjoy an affordable way to experience an enjoyable vacation and spend time with you.

Find summer recipes

Spring and summer seasons will start to change the display of local fresh food, displaying a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables. This is an excellent time to search for summer-ready recipes and try a few. When you find something that’s great to offer to your family, friends, or neighbors, host a fun dinner party at your apartment to welcome and celebrate the summer.

Utilize your outdoors

If your apartment includes excellent amenities like a small porch, pool, walking trails, or is nestled in a secluded place, take advantage of the summertime to spend the great outdoors. Explore some areas of town, take a leisurely walk, or lay by the pool to get a tan. Summer months won’t last long, so make sure you enjoy the warm weather before the winter cold hits again.


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