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Organic Ways to Keep the Mosquitoes Away



Organic Ways to Keep the Mosquitoes Away

If you have spent a summer evening out side enjoying the open air, you probably have been exasperated by the nuisance of mosquitoes. With their whining buzz, they can make even the die hard outdoor lovers nuts. The diseases spread by mosquitoes can be extremely serious and sometimes even deadly. To keep the mosquitoes away from your home, here are some of the organic ways to keep the bugs at bay.

Get rid of stagnant water

There should be no standing water in anything. Ponds, pools, and yards that are improperly drained can also attract mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes can’t fly very far, so if you find breeding spots on your property, you can easily eliminate them. In a swimming pool, there’s nothing to worry about as long as it’s chlorinated, mosquitoes will buzz right on by.

Hire a pro to check hidden spots

One option is to hire a pro to inspect areas such as gutters, as it can collect a great amount of water when the drain is clogged and become a prime breeding spot. As you inspect the whole area in your house, assess your window screens and replace any that are broken, ripped or not fitting properly.

Apply repellent, then do it again

A lotion or spray that contains DEET (a brand of diethyltoluamide), is an effective insect repellent. It’s safe for kids when used as directed. Picaridin or oil of lemon or eucalyptus is another bet for keeping mosquitoes away, but it will wear off after a few hours, depending on the formula. Read the instructions on that bottle of insect repellent so you’ll know when to reapply.

Cover your feet

Mosquitoes love sweat and bacteria, making your toes a prime blood-sucking spot. Aedes aegypti is a kind of mosquito that is most likely responsible for spreading deadly Zika virus. It tends to bite on the lower part of the body. So always use a repellent or cover your feet and consider wearing high-top sneakers or high socks.

Dress for even more success

Consider wearing lightweight, light-colored clothes to hide your arms and legs. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. So during summer when mosquitoes are festering in every corner of your home, put away your black and navy and embrace those on-trend summer whites and pretty pastels.

Eat indoors when possible

The experts say that while most mosquitoes found in the U.S. bite in the evening, the types thought to carry Zika virus feed during daylight hours. For those living in the South, which is more likely to see Zika-carrying mosquitoes, make sure to enjoy your meal inside the house.

If you entertain outside, spray the day before.

If you’re going to host a large outdoor gathering, you must spray the area with a repellent so you can enjoy the party. Simply spray down the area you are planning on using at least 24 hours in advance.

Tent the patio

If you plan for a small get-together party, it is ideal to place a tent in the area where guests will be eating. This can avoid any concerns of food accidentally being sprayed with repellents and you can get rid of other unwanted guests like bees and flies. Many companies sell canopy tents with mosquito net accessories.

Set out candles or lanterns

You can help keep mosquitoes away from your patio by lighting candles or lanterns that contain one or more essential oils known to repel mosquitoes. These oils include citronella, clove, cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass, and geraniol. Mosquito-repelling candles work best in small areas without a lot of air movement. The next time you want to enjoy time outside on your patio, try Ortho Home Defense Perimeter Protection Repellent Candles; it uses spearmint and lemongrass oil to repel 2x more mosquitoes than citronella.

Set mosquito traps

Using mosquito traps can help keep mosquitoes away from your porch or patio. For an outdoor party, traps can be an effective way to protect your guests from mosquitoes, especially when you use it along with other mosquito controls and repellent products.

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