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Small Space Designs and Decorations You Should Avoid



Small Spaces Designs and Decorations that You Should Avoid

When you are planning to design and decorate a small space, you need to follow some of the cardinal rules. You should make sure that the furniture matches the scale and keep things light. When you want to get the most out of every inch of a small space, be sure not to do the total opposite. When you design a small space, make sure your design is adaptable to space. Below you will find some of the small space mistakes that you need to avoid when you design and decorate a small space.

Too much storage

Avoid too much storage, and take what you need. When you only have a small space, storing things is a good idea that can keep your place organized and uncluttered. But when you go crazy with using boxes and baskets as your storage, it can ultimately trip up your design and make a room feel smaller. Make storage solutions and stash them away under furniture, so they aren’t visible.

Small scale pieces

Choose a piece of furniture that can easily be fitted to the scale of the room. Avoid an overstuffed furniture as it can feel cramped. Don’t use too many small furniture pieces, as they can have the same effect. In some cases, one large furniture piece feels more spacious than several smaller pieces. 

Not enough Lighting in a room

With the absence of enough lighting in a room, it can make the space smaller. Light can illuminate every inch of the room. Dark corners can make a room feel smaller than it already is, so it’s essential to use accent lighting to illuminate every inch of a small space.

Being total wallflowers

Placing all the furniture against the walls of a small room might be the right solution, but it doesn’t always work. It can make strange layouts and create a limited design. Move the couch away from the wall to allow for narrow tables for better socializing. The center of the room may feel a little smaller, but you’ll gain much better design points.

Dark colors can make a room feel smaller

You probably agree that light colors make a room feel bigger and dark colors can make a room feel smaller. But the way a small space feels is perhaps more about texture and less about color. Color alone can be choppy, especially when viewed with the rest of the room. Instead, use monochrome color in your home and utilize texture as your main design. Textiles and woodwork can bring character to a small room.

Stopping with the walls

A small space needs all the help it can get, so avoid painting it when it is well painted. By adding the same color onto the ceiling, it can create an unbroken line. By not adding color to the wall, it can make a room feel much more spacious than it is.

Breaking up space

If you have the effort to make a room feel bigger, you could do the total opposite. Instead, keep your eye line as fluid as possible. Make your room in harmony with the rest of your home and avoid furniture and accents that break up space.

Too much decor

It can be a mistake in interior design if there’s too much of a good thing. Don’t design every inch of a small space. Leaving some tables bare or a couch without throw pillows might not be the right choice, but it gives the eye a break. The break can create the illusion of a bigger space. This is an easy solution to one of the most common small space design mistakes.

Not seeing potential

This is the saddest small space mistakes in a room. Small rooms are often relegated to unused rooms or corners of the home. But employing the right design, every area in your home can be functional – if not palatial. Consider the potential in small rooms. What you consider small might be a cozy place to unwind or a great place to enjoy your morning coffee.

We may not be able to make our homes big enough for a basketball game. But every nook can be thoughtfully designed to make a space look bigger. Enjoy the good life by avoiding the small space mistakes that make your home feel more compact than it is, and you’ll find that size doesn’t matter.


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