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Amazing Tips on Designing a Student’s Apartment

Amazing Tips on Designing a Student’s Apartment

Designing an inviting living space is a daunting task for students who are planning to live on their own in a small apartment. When you want to decorate your college apartment, it involves budget, function, and style. Try these amazing tips to make your small apartment feel more comfortable and spacious.

Show Your True Colors 

One of the amazing ideas to personalize your apartment décor’ is through color. Whether you like big, bold hues or a more relaxing palette, your color scheme speaks volumes about who you are. Since painting walls is not allowed in college apartments, you can resort to other ways to add color to your living space. You can cover the wall with removable drab paint, peel-and-stick wallpaper with graphic styles like polka dots or landscape print. It can be more appealing if you add small pops of colors with plants, rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, wall tapestries, and painted furniture.

Make your living room brighter

Since most college students rarely spend money on lighting, they should do something to make the living room look brighter. You can brighten up a dimly lit dining room corner with a second-hand floor lamp, and place small desk lamps on the side of the tables and end tables. If lamps don’t match, use a variety of unique pieces that offer a chic and eclectic look. To get a festive style year-round, hang string lights from the ceiling or drape them on the corner of the dining room.

Make the Most of Mirrors

Mirrors make any small space look bigger of a college apartment or even a luxury home. Since mirrors offer “space-doubling” properties, they can reflect light to brighten your bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway. If you want to get the best light-catching possibilities, position the mirrors on the wall opposite windows.

Personalize Your Bedroom

When you are sharing your apartment with a roommate, personalize your space to differentiate it from your roommate. When you follow this tip, your bedroom can stand out. Display your favorite photos or favorite artworks on your wall with colored twine and paper clips or miniature clothespins. Try to hang also bold curtains from the ceiling in place of a headboard, or fashion a pretty canopy with filmy fabric, hooks, and string. If you don’t have the budget, you can add colorful comforter and a few throw pillows to make your room look more personal.

Choose Smart Furniture

Your college apartment may have limited space, don’t worry. That’s really a fact. Add your small space with some few dorm furniture ideas. Choose dual-purpose pieces like an adjustable table that turns into a desk, a futon sofa that becomes a bed, or a storage ottoman that can double a stool, a seat, or coffee table. Furniture that can be stored easily is also a great option. You can also get foldable moon chairs or stackable poufs.

Make your room look bigger

If it’s not possible for you to place a big bookshelf, you can stack books vertically up the wall next to your desk. Declutter your apartment regularly. Make the most of unused space with corner shelves, under-the-bed storage units, and over-the-door pocket organizers.

Maximize your storage space

A floor-to-ceiling fitted unit can make the most of every inch in a small living space. It can incorporate room to display treasures, shelves for books, drawers for more personal items, surfaces that act as bedside tables and reading lights. It’s like working with multiple tasks.

Don’t be afraid to use windows

Most of the bed is tucked neatly at the end of the small loft, rather than blocking the center of the room. Vertical blinds have been made to give some privacy and to block daylight. But your window can be of much use when you read something in the day.

Have pieces made to measure

Getting custom furniture for your small space can be a very worthwhile investment. A twin bed is designed to fit under the eaves perfectly, leaving plenty of space in the rest of the room. Built-in drawers and wall-mounted bedside table can maximize every inch of the floor.

Make your headboard work hard

Use your headboard for storage. It’s a clever way to make the most of your space. This custom solution can be useful bedside table or bookcase as well as a headboard that can easily hold a rail and shelves on the opposite side for other things.

If you want to live on your own in an apartment, you may find it difficult on designing the small space, but don’t worry here are some amazing tips that can help make your apartment look more spacious.


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