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Essential Reminders When Moving in Autumn

Essential Reminders When Moving in Autumn

If you’re planning to move during the autumn season, you’re in luck.  Autumn is an awesome time to move. While most people have already moved during the busy and often expensive summer season, some families enjoy a convenient and affordable relocation at the start of the autumn season. If you’ve never moved during the fall before, here are some essential reminders before diving in.

  1. Negotiate to Take Advantage of Lower Moving Costs

Moving in the fall is much more affordable compared to other seasons. Many of the moving companies have become so busy with many move orders during summer, with lower demand this time, more trucks and crews are available, they now offer lower moving costs. Moving in autumn typically means you have a good chance to negotiate on moving estimates and bids. So be sure to compare prices and find the best deal.

  1. Declutter from the Summer

Do you have so many clothing items, swimwear, beach gear, outdoor furniture, toys, and other personal items that you don’t want to use till the next summer? Instead of packing these items, only to discard them next summer, it would be better to ditch or donate items you think not important anymore. If there are old cold-weather clothing items you or your family have grown out of, considering donating those before the arrival of the winter season.

  1. Rethink Storage

If you move to a place with challenging seasonal weather, take advantage of putting some items in storage during your moving time. This will help lessen the load of your moving truck of heavy or bulky items you may not use until late next spring or summer (such as outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and bbq grills), and you can streamline your move by helping you pack everything at once. It will also make your move-in much easier.

  1. Pack for the Season

While you’re busy thinking of taking bulkier items, don’t forget about clothes and sporting gear that you may not need right away after the move. Pack seasonal items together so it’s easy for you to find them later – and make sure you’ve packed all those cold-weather items you’ll need shortly after you settle into your new place. If you’ve stored away rain boots and raincoats, snow gear and snow-removal equipment, this a good time to find them and make sure they’re easy to access and unpack after you’ve arrived.

  1. Unpack for the Season

If you’ve stored away sandwich presses and crock pots, large Dutch ovens, and other seasonal dishware and service wear, consider talking to your movers about placing them in more accessible locations in your house or apartment upon your arrival. Instead of dumping them to the garage or down to the storage closet for items you packed away last year, place them in your kitchen or dining room, ready to be put into service for the fall and winter seasons.

  1. Setup Utilities in Advance

There’s nothing worse than arriving in a new place during the cold season and to find no essential utilities like electricity and gas. Oftentimes, the waiting time for new accounts takes several days. So be sure to apply in advance for utilities account at least a few weeks before you move in, so that you arrive at a warm, and relaxing environment on day 1.

  1. Put Down Plastic During Your Move

When you move out of your old place and move into your new place during the fall, there’s a potential increase in wet leaves, dirt, and mud. If you want to get back your security deposit, make sure your post-move-out doesn’t damage floors.

So buy a plastic painter’s sheeting, or cut open large black trash bags and tape to entryways and other pathways were movers and friends will come and go, so as not to damage the hallways. When you arrive at your destination, be sure to let the movers wait for you to lay down more plastic before they unload your items.

  1. Clear Outdoor Pathways

Even if you are so cautious about protecting your old place and new home or apartment, you should take extra steps to clear the outdoor paths to and from the moving truck. Sweep away leaves and shallow puddles with a study broom, and lay down flat cardboards in any particular muddy, or wet spots. Cleaning while your items are carried to the truck can help keep your place tidy (and help with that security deposit).

Moving in autumn is an awesome time to move as the weather temperature tends to go down into more comfortable ranges and movers’ lower prices are all in your favor.

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