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Top Small Appliances that Every Renter Needs


Top Small Appliances that Every Renter Needs

If you live in a studio apartment that has a small space, you need to consider buying small appliances so you’ll find it easy to get them to fit into your space. When you’re setting up a small kitchen from scratch, check out these top small appliances that every renter needs.

A food processor

This is a kind of small kitchen appliance that can do a great job of preparing food for your family. A larger 12-cup is handy for your family of 4 and you can double or triple the recipe you’re working on. You can do great with a mini-prep food processor. Even a three-cup food processor can do a great job if it is just for you. Here are the top picks food processors: Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor and Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor.

A blender

A blender which is usually small in size and will easily fit into a counter space of about a foot size area, is a very useful tool to have in the kitchen. But it can be a big question whether you need a countertop blender, or if you can get by with an immersion blender. Some homeowners use an immersion blender, for example, while others prefer to use countertop blender.

If you prefer to use countertop blender, you may need to upgrade it to a high-end model for the sheer power and versatility. But if your kitchen is spacious and you need a reliable, multi-functioning tool that’ll whip or puree with ease, you need to opt for an immersion blender. Here are the top picks for a blender – Vitamix A2300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Breville Hemisphere Control, and Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender.

An electric mixer

An electric mixer is a small kitchen appliance that will easily fit in a small space. You have two options to acquire an electric mixer – a stand mixer or a hand mixer. If you bake a lot, you should consider a stand mixer. It’s a highly recommended kitchen appliance for avid bakers which can make life easier. If not, you’re fine with just a hand mixer for the occasional mixing task such as beating egg whites, making whipped cream, or getting a smooth cake batter.

A pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is one of the top small appliances that every renter needs as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the countertop. Pressure cookers deserves a spot in every kitchen. It beats out the slow cooker, especially if you have limited space in your kitchen. Again, if you want the best of both worlds, get a pressure cooker. You can easily accomplish your cooking task in a short time.

An electric kettle

An electric kettle is one the most essential small appliances in the kitchen that many don’t think it is highly necessary until you have one, and then you realize that it’s an important kitchen appliance that’s used all the time. And you may very well use it more than any other single small appliance in your kitchen.

This small kitchen appliance is more energy-efficient than boiling water on the stove, and 10 times as fast. If you always drink coffee or tea, it’s a game-changer. Many users of an electric kettle aptly put it, “an electric kettle is a wonderful thing.”

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is a must in most households, one that every rental property should have along with a backup or two. Most coffee makers automatically shut off (something bad is going to happen when the renter forget to turn it off and burning the apartment down); easy to use (you don’t want your guests spending the first 90 minutes of their morning in your small space trying to make the coffee maker dispense their much-needed caffeine.


Many homeowners love toaster as many of us want to eat hot bread for breakfast. Here are some reasons why it’s cool to use a toaster: simplicity – minimal buttons, simple mechanism; cool-touch – your bread won’t be burned; toast tongs are always a nice touch and prevent things like electrocution and burnt fingers. Here’s friendly advice – never buy a cheap toaster – it will only break or spark or hurt your guests within a month. When you invest in a nice safe toaster, you’re guaranteed to make your life easier.

These small appliances mentioned above are necessary for homeowners especially if they move to an apartment with a small kitchen space. They can be sure to fit them easily in a new place.


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