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7 DIY Projects for a Cozy Home This Winter

decorating your apartment for winter

7 DIY Projects that Will Make Your Home Cozy This Winter

When you see signs of cold weather and less sunlight, it’s time to get ready for the freezing temperatures. As the arrival of the cold season can make your life uncomfortable most of the time due to the previous set-up of your home, you need to know these 7 DIY projects that will make your home cozy this winter.


Rearranging the furniture inside your home is one of the easiest and least expensive in making your home look cozy this winter. Try something different – move some of your furniture on the opposite wall, if your table is rectangular, switch its position. Seek the help of a friend, and try switching things up. If you’re particular with the process, use a tape measure and sketch out your plan beforehand. If you are going to move huge items, also consider the change of the position of artwork, wall hangings, and lighting.

Although rearranging things in your home may take longer, it is a simple undertaking process. If you’re set on the arrangement and your furniture looks good in one set up, try to change the position also of other things in the living room. Try to move the accessories from the living room to the dining room or move the lamp from the corner of your living room to your bedroom.

Adjust Your Room Temperature

When you fall asleep, your body temperature drops. Knowing this, you can use this to your advantage by creating a room temperature that can help facilitate the process. Your room temperature should be between 60 degrees and 67 degrees Fahrenheit to have optimum sleep. During winter, try to install a digital thermometer in your bedroom. The thermometer will not only help you assure that you’re in the recommended range, but it will also make you enjoy the exact and best sleep temperature.

Layer Your Bedding

To enjoy a truly comfortable sleep, you need to have the right set of sheets. The bedsheets next to your body should breathe, especially when you love to snuggle under a thick winter blanket or quilt. Cotton is a highly recommended bed sheet material because it breathes well and wicks away moisture. A thread count on a sheet is another consideration, a 400 thread count or less is good as it traps body heat and could cause you to sleep too hot. To get a cozy winter bed, try to put some warmer layers such as your duvet, this will help you give sound sleep.

Curb Your Exposure to Artificial Light

Your body produces a hormone called melatonin that helps regulate your sleeping patterns. The levels of melatonin can be affected by exposure to light, both artificial and natural. When we experience short days, we tend to ratchet up the use of artificial light, which has been shown to suppress melatonin production – especially the blue spectrum light emitted by pc monitors, TVs, and other electronic devices. During the winter season, when the days are shorter, try to avoid exposure to screens at least an hour before bed and shut off bedroom light before you go to sleep.

Paint Your Walls a New Shade

New colors can help you enlighten your day and can also impact the quality of your sleep. Bright colors like reds and yellows have an energizing effect, while cooler blues and greens create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Take advantage of the physiological effects of new colors by incorporating calming tones on your walls. If repainting the walls can significantly diminish your savings, you can opt for accents, such as bedding and rugs, that incorporate the relaxing shades of nature. If you are renting a property, always remember to get prior approval before changing wall colors.

Light a Seasonal Scented Candle

Scents can influence our emotions. The olfactory system in our body, the area responsible for the sense of smell, has direct pathways to the emotional centers in our brain. The takeaway for a sound sleep during the cold nights is to identify your favorite scents and integrate them into your bedtime routine in the form of candles, essential oils, or other scented products.

Get artsy with decoupage

Try to get back to the trend of decoupage in the 60s and 70s. They can be surprisingly fresh and exciting ways to give new life to all sorts of items. Try to recover some clear bottles like candle jars with tissue paper and decoupage medium. The effect is surprisingly glass-like and beautiful, and it can bring out an accent color.

While many of us want to make our life comfortable during the cold season, it’s essential to know these 7 DIY projects that will make our home cozy this winter.


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