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Creative Ideas to Bring the Spirit of Christmas in Your Home





Creative Ideas to Bring the Spirit of Christmas in Your Apartment

All of us, even those with a different faith, love the holidays. Don’t let your space or budget hold you back from celebrating the holiday season to the max.

These creative ideas will show you how to deck your home with DIY Christmas decorations.

Look for some spare ornaments, and DIY the rest

When you are ready to decorate your apartment and want to start your ornament collection from scratch, it can be a strain on your budget. So before you start mass-ordering ornaments, ask your family and friends if they have any extra items that’s just taking up space in their homes. There’s a high chance that they have things that’s no longer needed, like an extra set of lights just gathering dust in the garage. If they aren’t being used it anymore, they’ll probably be happy to give them to you. Once you’ve collected these things, you can easily make ornaments on your own.

Hunt for cheap holiday decorations

Your home holiday makeover will soon be complete. It helps to decorate your walls, coffee tables, and windows, which you can do without bleeding your pockets. To hunt for cheap holiday decorations, look for some thrift stores. After that, stalk the aisles of a shopping mall for affordable displays. Make sure to search online for any seasonal flash sales. It’s also a good idea to stroll through holiday pop-up stores in your neighborhood. You can find affordable items there like those ubiquitous paper star lanterns.

DIY holiday decorations for your home

When you want to save on your holiday decorations, try to do it on your own. Begin with crafting classic: the Mason jar snow globe. You can find supplies such as glitters, glue, and tiny sleighs at your local craft store. Making holiday decors is simple enough for a child to make. So if you have kids, you can invite them for fun in engaging holiday activity. Also, you can create a cute votive display with upcycled cans, wrapping paper, and a wooden hanger

If you still have in mind like making a wreath but have already drained your budget, make one out of gift bows. Get a Styrofoam wreath ring and Attach a loop of floral wire around it, you can find these at any craft store,, and even Dollar Tree. After getting all the supplies, you can now hot glue your bows to the ring.

Make Christmas tree potpourri

If you have bought a large tree, collect a few fragrant branches for a festive potpourri. All you need to do is collect two small branches, break them up, and then combine them in a brown paper bag with cinnamon sticks, cloves, dried orange peel, and cotton balls containing essential oils. Combine them all and then marinate it in an airtight container for one week. After that, you can bust out the potpourri; this can make your apartment smelling like Christmas.

Line your windows with paper snowflakes

It’s not just kids that appreciate paper snowflakes; everybody loves to see snowflakes on the windows. Even if you are not a skilled crafter, you can easily make some seriously difficult ones. Regardless of your paper-folding proficiency, lining your windows with paper snowflakes is a cheap and fun way to brighten up your windows. You can search tutorial from Martha Stewart on how to make fancy paper snowflakes.

Display your holiday cards

Many of us are still getting tons of holiday cards from friends and family across the country. Displaying your loved ones’ holiday greetings with smiling faces is a surefire way to boost holiday cheer, so don’t relegate those cards to a pile on your counter. Make use of the vertical space of your apartment by hanging the cards up on the walls. Turn the holiday cards into a jolly display with a tree branch and some ribbon.

Wrap your cabinet doors like presents

Wrap a red polka dot ribbon onto your cabinet doors and hot glue glittery red bows on top. It’s simple, beautiful, and you can reuse the supplies year after year for Christmas. If you have some extra ribbon and bows hidden somewhere, use them to apply a cheery touch to your kitchen cabinets. As these holiday decorating ideas prove, wrapping your cabinets in a simple red ribbon can make your kitchen downright holly-jolly.

If you want to make your apartment look great during the holiday season, try to apply these creative ideas so you can feel the true spirit of Christmas in your apartment.

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