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2020’s Gardening Trends for Apartments



Interest in gardening is becoming more popular these days, and it is not only shaping up at over-50 crowd but also to younger gardeners. The National Gardening Association’s 2019 National Gardening Survey says that the millennial generation (ages 18 to 34) continues to grow at a higher rate than older age groups – now equalling Baby Boomers and beyond. The millennials have been responsible for the record on spending on gardening despite lower household incomes than other age groups, and most of them live in an apartment. For those who love gardening, try to look at these 2020’s gardening trends for apartments.

Plant parenting

It is a new gardening term that refers to plant care – especially millennials that are becoming more interested in houseplants. There are at least two new books with titles “plant parenting,” and the term is popping up in social media. You can see gardening influencers on Instagram. There’s a specific account in social media that wrote a houseplant book and have gathered 127,000 followers. The houseplant trend is engaging in millennials, especially those living in apartments.

The theory is because millennials are often living in apartments, so they see houseplants as a convenient, space-saving way to grow plants as well as a way to connect to nature. Houseplant sales at some garden centers have been trending upward for years and increased another 14 percent last year. It is not expected that this upward trend will end anytime soon. The gardening boom is already seen as one of the No. 1 trends in 2020. With this gardening trend, people, including millennials, are becoming increasingly interested in ways to decorate their apartment with houseplants.

Succulent plants

The succulent, categorized as a hot plant, is easy to grow, and they continue to gain popularity. These fleshy-leafed plants include cactus, hens and chicks, sedum, echeveria, and aloe. These plants are running in tandem with the houseplant phenomenon and have already become a global trend where both tender and hardy succulents are being used in gardens. Cactus and succulent sales shot up 25 percent last year and show no sign of slacking.

Fueling the interest in growing succulent is the wide variety of colors, shapes, and forms of succulents as well as their ease of growth (low water needs, compact space, few troubles with bugs, insects, and animals). Many of the gardeners now, including millennials, are trying to get away from often spraying their plants.

Kinder, gentler gardening

The millennial generation, and the industry as a whole, has the desire to be more ecologically responsible that will translate into less chemical use. It also means that gardeners are increasingly looking for severe, naturally bug-and disease-resistant plants so they can grow healthy even with less spraying. Most of the gardeners today are keenly interested in eco-friendly ways to grow house plants as well as bigger-picture sustainable practices, which led to the new Regenerative Organic Certification launched last June.

That certification adds factors such as soil health, fair trade, and animal welfare to the non-chemical requirements of being certified organic. It is found out that half of U.S. consumers say they would buy a brand if they knew production of it was done with concern for the environment.

Pollinators and native plants

It is another gardening trend that’s been active in the last few years, and one that trend-watchers say is showing no signs of diminishing. With eco-friendly concerns, gardeners are planting with an eye on attracting pollinators and helping native wildlife on adding ornamental considerations to indoor plants. The milkweeds are a native plant family that’s especially trendy.

Garden nooks

People are now becoming more interested in creating secluded spots for relaxing and enjoying a great time in their yard’s gardens. Nurturing a garden can be rewarding as you spend leisure time in the space you’ve created. A garden nook within the space is the perfect place to pause, relax, and unwind.

Nooks are typically built in the shade and have comfortable seating as well as things such as water sources or wind chimes. The concept of garden nooks is not new, but the idea is to experience some great idea as we all continue our quest for that ever-elusive work-life balance.


Another great idea for gardeners to think about is to turn attention to a more in-depth look at herbalism. It’s always a good idea for gardeners if they grow herbs for tea (lavender, chamomile, basil, and yes, even chemical-free roses to harvest the petals as well as DIY herbal syrups and elixirs.

Whether you have been gardening all your life or you want to start gardening from scratch, you should look at these 2020’s gardening trends for apartments.

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