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Advantages of Renting a Condo

Why rent a condo as opposed to other options, you ask? There are a multitude of reasons why renting a condo in Branson MO might be a good fit for you. Some of the advantages include the community, location, space, and amenities. Overall it’s going to come down to your needs and wants, and ultimately your personal preference.

Untitled1Let me tell you about some of the advantages of renting a condo, starting with the neighborhood. It is common for many people who are living in a condominium to purchase their condo. This should bring you a sense of security in that many of your neighbors will have the pride of ownership and will want to maintain their investment and the neighborhood. Not to mention that having neighbors close in general makes some people feel more comfortable as opposed to living further from civilization.

Being near a community can also be an advantage for people who are looking for a more social setting. Some associations host neighborhood events as well as having common space for owners and tenants to spend time and meet new people. Renting in a condominium association can definitely give you a sense of community. Check out some of our communities here.

2Amenities are often a bonus when living in a condominium. Condos are usually more centrally located near popular attractions. In Branson condos are generally located in a resort setting or near the famous 76 Country Boulevard, “the strip.” Many tenants find resort amenities very beneficial. Some of these amenities include not having to worry about exterior upkeep, HOA or association fees being included in the rent, and lower renter density. Exterior upkeep can include everything from a maintenance issue to keeping up with the grounds work, shoveling snow during winter, and landscaping. Some tenants and owners favor condominiums that have security staff or a guard shack on the property; This has proven to be a nice added element to some of our condos. Many resort amenities include pool access, play grounds, workout facilities, indoor and outdoor common areas, and private balconies.

Some condominiums offer garages, fireplaces, and a larger living space compared to an apartment. Periodically you can find both furnished and unfurnished condos. Not all properties offer furnished rentals, this may be a feature you find appealing. Many people don’t think about an elevator being an amenity, but if an elevator is something that could benefit you for whatever reason then a condo may be a much more suitable option compared to an apartment or house.

Don’t forget the financial aspect of a condominium! Condos can be less expensive than leasing a house or another type of rental. As previously stated, the fees and maintenance are generally included in your rent which that saves you a little bit of financial burden. Not to mention having some amenities, such as a pool or gym, can save you a little money each month as well.

3Some condominium associations allow tenants to sit in on their board meetings even if the owners are the only ones allowed to vote. It may be nice to sit in on these meeting to see what’s new or what changes may be coming. You would want to check with your association to see if this is permitted.

All in all, choosing a condo over another kind of rental comes down to personal preference and need. If you’re wanting to see what we have available for condo rentals in Branson MO you can call a leasing agent at 417-337-RENT (7368) or go to our website at Thousand Hills Realty.