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Choosing an Apartment in Branson MO


There are a vast number of apartment options in Branson MO. You can almost get lost in the available choices. There are apartments with amenities, utilities included, workout facilities, great views, pools…the list can go on and on! Finding the apartment that is just right for you will be your challenge, but hopefully this page will give you some ideas and concepts that help narrow down the playing field.

UntitledFor starters, many people are unsure about the difference between apartments and condos. They may have a predetermined idea about one or the other. Sometimes even eliminating one as an option. The truth is that structurally speaking there is no real difference between the two. What makes an apartment an “apartment” and condo a “condo” is the way it is owned. An apartment building will be owned by one person or entity while the units within a condominium complex are each individually owned.

So, how does this matter to you? Well, they are both great options. But there are some pros and cons to consider. An apartment complex with one owner may have more flexibility in offering move-in specials and various other benefits such as cable, internet, utilities, etc. This is usually because there are more options when an apartment owner is considering incentive expenses divided between many units vs. one. These benefits that come with mass ownership can also have a flip side to the tenant. You will be living amongst 100% renters. Of course, this is not a negative thing, but is something to weigh out in your decision making process.

Many times a condominium complex will reflect “pride of ownership” as your neighbors may be actual full-time owners. Onsite owners also tend to hold the Condo Association to higher standards since, after all, they are paying monthly dues. Having said this, you most likely will have a traditional 12 month leasing structure with fewer incentives and offerings.

So, by now, you’re starting to get the picture. There is no real “right” or “wrong” option for either. Your experience will be determined greatly by how well the property is managed and maintained and this can vary on either side of the spectrum whether you choose an apartment or a condo.

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