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Frequently Asked Questions for The Owner

  1. What type of rental properties do you manage?
    a: We provide superior management of single family, duplex, condos and multi-family/apartment complexes.
  2. What areas do you serve?
    a: We serve the Taney and Stone County – Branson, Tri-Lakes area.
  3. How quickly will my rental property be leased?
    a: We understand that a vacant property costs you money. While we cannot guarantee your property will never sit vacant. We do commit to advising you on a marketable rental rate, getting the unit in “rent ready” condition, aggressive marketing strategies, quick responses to all rental inquiries, conducting a thorough search on each applicant, and keeping tenants happy.
  4. What if a tenant doesn’t pay or need to be evicted?
    a: Even with careful tenant placement, late payments and the need for eviction can arise. Costly mistakes can be made if these issues are not handled correctly and in accordance with all laws and governing authorities. We work professionally with these timely issues to get the quickest resolution as possible as well as getting your property re-leased as soon as possible.
  5. How do I keep maintenance costs down?
    a: Maintenance is a necessary expense of owning any property. Proactively taking care of maintenance issues can help reduce major expense, reduce vacancies and reduce expenses in the long run. We perform quarterly maintenance inspections to ensure compliance by the Tenant to lease terms and to make sure the HVAC filters, smoke alarms and all mechanical components of the unit are up to snuff. Our relationship with preferred, well-screened Vendors help to save you on expenses.
  6. Do I need insurance on my property if I am renting it out?
    a: Yes! Please read our insurance FAQ for more information.