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Hollister R-V Schools

Hollister schools have a continuous focus on learning. By establishing meaningful relationships, faculty and staff will engage students in the learning process using a variety of instructional means, providing all students the opportunity to be successful. They also believe that all students will succeed, as success is their only option. The Hollister R-V School District includes 4 schools that serve over 1,300 students in grades PK through 12.

The Hollister Early Childhood center teaches infants through pre-school. The early childhood center has 4 separate age groups for infants, two year olds, three year olds, and four year olds. They strive to place student needs and safety as their number one priority to help prepare students to best receive instruction by their high-quality teachers. The goals of this school are to develop and enhance quality education to improve performance and enable students, recruit and retain a highly qualified staff, provide and maintain appropriate instructional resources, and to promote, facilitate, and enhance parent, student, and community involvement.

Once children have reached age 5, they will move on the Hollister Elementary School. The elementary school teaches children from kindergarten through 5th grade. The mission of Hollister Elementary is to teach children to be life-long learners. They strive to challenge every child with quality educational opportunities and to provide a safe environment where the community works together. The primary academic goal of the elementary school is for every student to be reading at their grade level by the end of each year. They believe that reading is a part of all subject matter and is necessary for student success.

hollisterStudents then advance to middle school which educates grades 6th through 8th. Hollister Middle School’s mission is to be a place of excellence where children can achieve their full potential in academic, creative, personal, physical, and moral development. This school attempts to prepare all students for success by providing various opportunities that will assist in increasing skills, broaden knowledge, enhance application skills and develop work habits that will be necessary for further education and later employment. Hollister Middle School offers educational classes in reading, language, arts, math, science and social studies as well as various activities such as music, band, choir and physical education.

After graduating from middle school, students will complete their education at Hollister High School before moving on to college for higher education. The high school prepares 9th grade through 12th grade to be successful citizens in college, career, and life by establishing meaningful relationships. Through these relationships the faculty and staff will engage students in the learning process using a variety of instructional tools, which will provide each student with the opportunity to be successful. At Hollister High School they are delighted to engage and support students in an education that will equip them to be successful in a constantly changing society.

Hollister School District also offers a safe, enjoyable, and affordable after school program called Tiger Time for grades K-8. Children are served a snack each day and participate in age-appropriate, educational activities including games, sports, arts and crafts, drama, cooking, music, science experiments, and other special events. Students grow through tutoring and social participation, as well as learn responsibility through the “Character Counts” program.

The entire school district of Hollister puts an emphasis on success as they believe success is the only option. Visit the Hollister R-V School District website for more information on each school as well as contact information for each. Interested in living in the Hollister School District? You can browse through our vacancies in Hollister on our website or by calling our office at (417) 337-RENT (7368).