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Kirbyville R-VI School District

The Kirbyville school District has 2 schools, one is an elementary school and the other is a middle school. There are over 300 students between both schools, making the student to teacher ratio about 12 students per teacher. It is the mission of the Kirbyville School District for all students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes through progressive, quality education, to be self-respecting, self-sufficient, contributing citizens to the constantly changing society in which we live.

kirbyvilleKirbyville also offers a preschool for children ages 3 to 5. Kirbyville preschool strives to provide an environment where children will feel safe, loved, and confident. They believe that this environment will stimulate mental, physical, emotional, social, and behavioral development for the children who attend this school. Kirbyville preschool attempts to help children grow toward independence by providing the opportunity to make appropriate choices. It is the purpose of Kirbyville Preschool to provide the opportunity for social and emotional growth. This school makes an effort to provide opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills, and expressive and receptive language skills, as well as encourage the development of the “whole child”.
Once children have reached the age of 5, they will attend Kirbyville Elementary School. The elementary school nurtures children from kindergarten through third grade. This school has over 140 students under its influence. Kirbyville Elementary School believes that through education, it is possible for each student to discover his or her limits of their capacity and provide the opportunity to maximize the students’ development by recognizing each student as a unique individual. Children at all grade levels, who attend Kirbyville Elementary School, will receive age-appropriate guidance in four basic core areas: communication arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and be involved in their child’s learning experience at Kirbyville Elementary.

UntitledAfter students finish 3th grade, they will move on to middle school. Kirbyville Middle School educates students 4th grade through 8th grade and has over 170 students that attend this school. This rural school district has small class sizes and expects to have excellence in education. Kirbyville Middle School provides learning programs with various subjects such as language arts, business, physical education, mathematics, reading, and social studies as well as athletic activities such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball. It also provides specialized support, a media library, and counseling services.
Kirbyville R-VI School District does not currently have a high school. Students and their parents decide which high school they will attend once they graduate from middle school. Local public high school options include Branson High School, Hollister High School, and Forsyth High School. Your student also has the option to attend private school at Trinity Christian Academy. After students’ graduate high school, each graduate can choose to go to a local college or a bigger university outside of the area. Around the Branson/Hollister area are two colleges to choose from, one is College of the Ozarks and the other is Ozark Technical College.

The Kirbyville School Website states several times that the entire district strives to help each student arrive at their full potential. They aim to treat each child as a unique individual to help their development and education. The ultimate goal of the staff in the Kirbyville School District is for each student to become self-respecting, self-sufficient, contributing citizens to the rapidly changing world in which they live. Choosing a school district for your children can be a delicate and time consuming process. Let us give you some resources to help out with the big decisions. Learn more about the Branson area by clicking here You can also browse our vacancies to see what we have available in each school district or call a leasing agent in our office at (417) 337-RENT (7368).