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Move Out Procedures


Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Ensure you pass move-out inspection and get your security deposit with these cleaning tips


Donate or throw away any items you don’t want or need to move

Host a moving party: Read more on our moving party blog

Replace any burned out light bulbs

Hire professionals to clean the carpet

Be present for your move-out inspection

Do not turn off utilities until after your move-out inspection is complete


Pull out all appliances to clean around and under them

Clean range/oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher (inside & out)

Wipe down all cabinets, counters, and drawers (inside & out)

Mop all floors and clean baseboards

Wipe down all walls and window blinds

Clean drip pans in stovetop or replace them if they will not come clean

Clean laundry room & central heating closet

Pull out the washer/dryer to clean in, around, and under them (don’t forget lint trap)


Clean and sanitize all toilets, tubs, and sinks

Jet tubs must have bleach water run through the jets

Wipe down all cabinets, counters, and drawers (inside & out)

Wipe down all light fixtures

Clean all mirrors and glass shower doors

Sweep and mop floors


Remove and clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans

If your unit is furnished, you must dust all furniture

Wipe down doors, doorframes, windows, window sills, and baseboards

Vacuum all carpet before having it shampooed

Living Room/Dining Room

Remove and clean all light fixtures

Dust and wipe down all ceiling fans

Dust all furniture

Clean all sliding glass doors and door tracks

Clean all doors, door frames, window sills, window frames, and baseboards

Vacuum all carpet


Clean patio area (tables, chairs, storage closets, etc)

Clean entry way foyers or coat closets

Replace any burned out lightbulbs in each room

Don’t forget to remove all trash when you’re done cleaning