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Branson Gardens

This is a BRIEF overview of the Rules and Regulations
The Branson Gardens

(Contact our office if you want a complete outline of all the Rules and Regulations)

The rules and regulations, fines and penalties shall apply to all the unit owners, their guests and tenants. Buildings & Grounds
Appearance and cleanliness of the outside of the condo is the responsibility of each unit owner and/or their guests.

• Sidewalks, driveways, entrances, or passageways shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress from the units
• No more than two (2) persons per bedroom shall reside in any unit
• No more than thirty (30) days can a visitor stay without retaining legal residence and placed on the lease
• No personal items such as toys, bicycles, or other items shall be placed on the front porches, patios, walkways, parking lots, or other common areas. Common Elements shall not be used for general storage areas
• No offensive or unsightly appearance shall be on the patios, porches or walkways
• Fireworks are prohibited
• Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00AM
• Two household pets are allowed as long as each one is not more than 20 pounds or one household pet can’t be more than 40 pounds, pending owners approval
• Animals must be under control of the owner at all times, and not become a nuisance
• No outside clothes lines
• NO Littering
• No trash shall be stored or set outside your door at any time, a $15.00 fine will be assessed. All trash must be put in trash receptacle. No large furniture or mattresses put in the trash receptacle, these items must be hauled away at the renter’s expense.
• Burning is prohibited
• No Satellites
• No nightly leases or rentals of a Condominium living unit or portion shall be allowed
• No signs of any character shall be displayed anywhere on the property
• No BBQ grills with open flame
• No Smoking allowed in hallways, all cigarette butts are to be thrown away properly in receptacles and not on the ground
• Vehicles shall be parked in designated parking areas
• No more than 2 vehicles allowed per condo
• No trailers, campers, boats, canoes or other watercraft to be stored or parked on property
• The parking, storage or repair of unlicensed, expired license, or disabled vehicles is prohibited
• It’s everyone responsibility to report all violations to the Branson Gardens property management
• All-terrain vehicles are prohibited