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Screening Procedures on Applications

It is the goal of Thousand Hills Realty to find the perfect tenant for your unit. We screen prospective tenants to ensure that they are getting a house, apartment, or condo that will suit all of their needs in regards to financial security, location, and size. Screening applicants also ensures that you, the owner, are accepting a tenant that is befitting for your investment property.

The first step in our screening process is to consult with the potential tenant to determine what they are looking for in terms of size, location, and rent budget. We also discern what type of home they are looking for and if they need it to be furnished or unfurnished. This helps us gauge which units we should show them. This interview process helps us to determine how many people are in their household, if they have any pets, and the reason they are moving.

1After we have had that initial conversation with the prospective tenant, we will then show them any properties that fit the criteria for what they are looking for. During the showing process we will ask more questions to establish that the client is serious about renting the unit they’re looking at. Some of these questions may include: Why are you moving? When do you plan to move? How many people will be living in the apartment? We also inquire on their ability to afford the rent payment, their willingness to pay on time, the long-term outlook for their job security, their cleanliness and housekeeping skills, and their aversion to crime, drugs, and other illegal activities. We also inform future tenants that they will have to fill out an application and consent to a credit and background check. We insure that tenants fill out an application 100% of the time. When the prospective tenant has decided that they do want to lease the unit they have looked at then we give them an application to fill out.

As soon as a prospective tenant fills out an application, we immediately enter it into our system. During our application process we will also run a credit report and a background check. We check each possible tenant for past evictions and past due bills as well as negative hits on their credit report. We also verify their past addresses and social security number to make sure that everything from their application matches their credit report. In the background report, we screen for any negative legal activity such as misdemeanors or felonies. We also research for sex offenders and drug-related criminal offenses.


Once the application, credit report, and background check have been completed we call you, the owner of the unit they have applied to. By informing the owner and keeping them up to speed on prospective tenants it encourages their input and involvement in the process. Once the owner has approved the tenant we will proceed with signing the lease. We schedule a move-in orientation so that we have to opportunity to meet with the applicant to read over the lease as well as answer any last questions before signing. At this time we will also obtain a copy of the applicants’ driver’s license and also collect any fees associated with their application or deposit.

After the lease has successfully been signed and your new tenant has moved in, Thousand Hills Realty will do all of the work for you. We will handle all of the contact between you and your tenant, we will collect rent, handle maintenance, and send your monthly financial statements for each unit. Our objective is to offer completely hassle free property management. You can view more services that we cover on our Property Management page. You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call our office at 417-337-RENT (7368) if you still have unanswered questions.