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Thousand Hills Realtor Referral Program

Real Estate Referral Program

Thank You for Your Referral

We appreciate the relationships we have developed with Branson area Realtors and licensed agents. As a Branson Tri-Lakes area Realtor, here is what you can expect from the agents at Thousand Hills Realty:

  • We will take care of your clients. You will not regret referring them to Thousand Hills Realty.
  • Thousand Hills Realty specializes in Property Management, not sales. We will not steal your client.
  • We reciprocate with referrals. In order to have an effective, productive relationship all parties have to participate. We want to work with you, not against you. We even refer them back to you if/when their real estate needs change.
  • Of course we love referrals! Who doesn’t? These are not just words we spout, we put our money where our mouth is. Thousand Hills Realty PAYS for referrals, here is how it works:
    • First and foremost, we have to know you referred them before we sign a contract. You are welcome to call us, but for your sake and ours, it is better to have it in writing. Your referral can be sent by fax to 417-336-5003, emailed to, or by filling out the contact form below.
    • When will it pay? Thousand Hills Realty will send you (your Broker) an initial thank you of $100 within 30 days of executing a contract, and the referral fee after the property is rented.
    • How much does it pay? That will vary by property, but we guarantee it will not be less than $200.*
    • How is the referral fee calculated? The referral fee is a percentage of our annualized fees, in accordance with the rental rate of the subject property. For instance, if the property leases for $1000/month, the referral fee would be $160, in addition to the $100 thank you payment. If the property leases for $750/month, the referral fee would be $120. Referral fees that calculate less than $100, will be paid $100.
    • What if the referral is a tenant and not a home owner? We pay for those, too!
    • Rental range per month / Rental Fee
      • $0-599= $100
      • $600-899 = $100
      • $900-1500 = $200
      • $1501+ = $300

*$200 guarantee includes the thank you payment of $100, and the referral fee to be paid once the property is leased. If the management contract is cancelled before we have an opportunity to lease the property, the $100 thank you is yours to keep, but without a tenant we cannot pay a referral fee.

Realtor Referral Program