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Trinity Christian Academy

trinityTrinity Christian Academy is a non-denominational college preparatory school carrying dual accreditation as well as membership in the ORU educational fellowship. Their mission is the glorify God by providing a Christ-centered education, by influencing each for salvation in Christ, by instructing in values for Godly living, and by providing a program of academic excellence. Trinity Christian Academy educates infants through high school seniors in a Christian environment.
The vision of trinity Christian Academy is to be a school of learning where students, parents, and teachers are followers of Christ and are fully committed to keep Him preeminent in every aspect of the learning program. This school commits to taking faith and education seriously. They also understand the need to devote time, talent, and resources to accomplish the important mission of educating infants through high school seniors in a Christian environment. Trinity Christian Academy provides a Christ-centered education, influences others for salvation in Christ, instructs in values for Godly living, and provides a program of academic excellence.

2Trinity has one building that houses all age ranges for this school. With a little over 110 students and a 9:1 student ratio, they have the opportunity for some individual attention. Spiritual training is the highest priority at Trinity Christian Academy. Rigorous academics are also stressed at every age level. Not only are cognitive skills strengthened through standard and honor courses, but the students are taught to think within the boundaries of the Bible. This Christian school stresses self-control, respect for law and order, patriotism, and Bible morality. Trinity also includes art, music, sports, and computer training to provide a well-rounded education.

The students at Trinity Christian Academy are encouraged to pursue excellence in their academic studies and to utilize the many resources available inside and outside of the classroom to enrich their learning experience. This Christian school believes that it is important to have a strong academic program by educating the mind, body, and spirit that will also allow students to excel in their chosen field.

Trinity is dually accredited with the Advanced Ed AKA the North Central Association (NCA) and the International Christian Accrediting Association (ICAA), and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Trinity Christian Academy has become well established in offering high quality education to families all over the tri-lakes area. Visit the Trinity Christian Academy website to read more information on this school as well as find out how to apply to become a student. Being that there is no boundary for which district you live in when attending this school it can greatly benefit you when looking for a place to rent in Branson Missouri.